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July 25th, 2022 >> Gratitude

By: Anita

What is gratitude? Gratitude is more than a word; it is a belief. 

We often hear the word gratitude, but we often don’t understand the real meaning of it. Gratitude means to be thankful. Seems simple, but if that were the case why is gratitude not an integral part of our daily lives?

We as humans tend to often focus on the negative aspects of life although positive experiences are happening as well. However, there could be one negative aspect and four positive aspects, but we effortlessly cling onto the focus ruminating until we are engulfed by its negativity. When negativity is focused on and magnified it starts to consume our thoughts. We begin to catastrophize and become stuck in an emotional state that can feel helpless at times. Once this happens our thoughts influence our emotions, and our emotions influence our behaviors. 

What can be done to break the cycle of latching on to negative aspects of life and finding gratitude to assist with positive and thankful views? 

The practice of intentional gratitude is an amazing tool to reflect and can be instrumental in everyday life.  Practicing gratitude allows us not to focus on the wonders
of positive thinking, places, things, and people. Gratitude can be wonderful and help us appreciate the simple yet beautiful elements of life including its ups and down. 

Being and showing gratitude has the power to influence moods, change perspectives, and assist in better quality of life.

Tips for practicing gratitude daily: 

·      Define the meaning of gratefulness and how you would like to show gratefulness

·      Identify, acknowledge, and contemplate what you are grateful for 

·      Appreciate what you are grateful for by just noticing things to be thankful for. 

·      It is beneficial to say what you are grateful for out loud or write it down in a journal. 


1. I am grateful for this day. 

2. I am grateful for my morning walk. 

3. I am grateful for my family and friends. 

The best way to incorporate gratitude is to apply it in your daily life. It is important to practice it at least once a day. For example, in the morning when you are starting your day. It can be practiced when having a meal. You can also add it to your night routine before going to bed. 

The key is to remember to practice until gratitude becomes part of your daily routine.

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