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Lena Haiek
AMFT Registration number 408671
Supervised by Chrys Gkotsi, LMFT Lic # 113638

photo Lena Haiek, AMFTLena Haiek, an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMFT), serves clients at our Sherman Oaks and Glendale locations. With a Psychology degree from UCLA and a background in Early Childhood as the owner of three preschool centers, Lena is dedicated to enhancing the well-being of children and families.

Specializing in assisting couples and families, Lena guides them through challenges, fostering stronger relationships through open communication, and improved listening skills. She brings valuable experience in supporting individuals with early-onset dementia, extending her assistance not only to them but also to their caretakers. Lena is committed to empowering individuals and families, helping them navigate disappointment and resentment.

Recently joining the Avedian Counseling Center team in early 2024, Lena provides individual, couples, and group therapy. Her approach is client-centered and strength-based, emphasizing understanding individuals and their challenges within the context of interpersonal relationships. Lena is also a Certified Anger Management Counselor (CAMC), conducting anger management groups at Anger Management 818.

Despite being early in her career, Mrs. Haiek has received training in treating eating disorders, showcasing her passion for helping those struggling with eating behaviors. Lena is also equipped to support individuals dealing with social anxiety, a condition that can impede the formation of friendships. Working closely with individuals, Lena encourages them to confront their fears of judgment, enabling them to overcome anxiety and lead more fulfilling lives.