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Hines - Operations Coordinator

We welcome Letisha Hines, our most recent addition to the Anger Management 818 team!

Native to Los Angeles, CA, Letisha grew up in diverse environments that fostered her relentless passion for community.  With experiences ranging from civil service to faith-based non-profit work, she continues to be an advocate within various communities for the health and total wellbeing of individuals and families – body, soul and spirit.

After graduating from the University of California, Davis, and receiving her Bachelor of Science degree in Human Development with a Public Health emphasis, Letisha worked to help reunify and build children and their families through the social services system.  Working there, she discovered many mental health needs within this unique population that remained unmet and therefore sought to further her education to make a greater difference.  With the goal of strengthening her vocational skills sets, Letisha earned her Master of Theology degree in Counseling in which she uses to help build and serve individuals and families within the local communities through volunteer work.

photo Letisha Hines

In the near future, Letisha looks forward to attaining her Anger Management training and certifications to better serve those in pursuit of healthy life goals, as well as become a greater asset to the AM818 team.