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for Television Shows and the Media

We have entered into an era where the media reflects many stories with the use of therapy. There are various television shows, including reality shows, which portrays aspects of therapy.  Media therapy has brought great attention to the field of psychotherapy, since there has been a rise of people accessing mental health services. Part of it includes the decrease of the stigma in seeing a shrink.

Sometimes, movies and shows can portray therapy differently than actual therapy, which can negatively impact a viewer’s perception and/or expectation of therapy. 

When a production company does not consult with mental health professionals to accurately reflect the process of therapy, it can harm not only the on screen client, however, the viewers as well. In fact, when the production company decides to work with a vulnerable population without a professional assisting, it can be very damaging. It is important to use caution when using clips of therapy in the show.

Since Anita has worked on many reality shows, including the Bad Girl’s Club, and Sunset Tan, she has the knowledge that on screen therapy needs to be exciting for the viewer as well as helpful for the client.

If you need a consultant for your show, you can contact Anita Avedian at (818) 426-2495. The fee is $300/hour if meeting at the offices of Anita Avedian, or $400/hour if you need her services at your location.

Anita Avedian, MFT, is also available to host television shows as a therapist, anger management facilitator, and or a life coach.   The fee is $500/hour for any on screen hosting.