office space sherman oaks, CA

Are you a mental health professional ready to open a practice, and you don’t want to risk taking on a full lease on your own? Are you worried about a long-term office commitment when there’s uncertainty about clientele? Perhaps the thought of reviewing and signing a lengthy lease, and furnishing a full suite, seems dreadful. Start with a small risk versus a large one. Connect with other fellow therapists and colleagues. At the Avedian Counseling Center, we offer both part-time and full-time office space suitable for professionals who are in the mental health field.

The Avedian Counseling Center offers part-time availability in a Class A building located on the North East corner of Ventura and Sepulveda, across from the Sherman Oaks Galleria. With countless nearby restaurants and stores, the location is convenient for breaks during the day. One can park at the nearby metered spaces on Moorpark and Columbus, 2-hour free parking a block away, or the lot of the building at a fee. The building offers security with lobby doors locked in the evening, and security guard in the lobby 24 hours and 7 days a week.

The Sherman Oaks office offers a 7-office suite, 5 windowed offices, 2 interior offices, a spacious waiting room, task room, and a storage room. Networking opportunities are offered with seasoned therapists and hypnotherapists. Offices are tastefully furnished. The suite offers a separate exit, call lights to indicate that your client has arrived, fax, wifi, and a refrigerator to store your food. Refreshments are offered including coffee, tea and water.

If you are interested in the Sherman Oaks Office space, please contact Anita at (818) 426-2495.

photo sherman oaks office waiting room, white coffee table, brown sofa, white stuffed chair, white file cabinets, wall coverings
Sherman Oaks Office Meeting Room

photo sherman oaks office suite Room 1, grey sofa, white and grey chairs, painting
Sherman Oaks Office Room 1

photo sherman oaks room 3, tan sofa, large window, two tan chairs
Sherman Oaks Office Room 3

photo sherman oaks room 4, tan coffee table, large windows, brown sofa, brown chair
Sherman Oaks Office Room 4

photo sherman oaks office room 5, large window, tan sofa, two tan chairs, large painting
Sherman Oaks Office Room 5

photo sherman oaks office  room 7, brown sofa, two brown chairs, small painting, small brown coffee table
Sherman Oaks Office Room 7

photo sherman oaks office waiting room, view down hall, burgundy sofa at end of hall, reception desk
Sherman Oaks Office Waiting Room