office space

Woodland Hills Office Space

Space available for quarter day, half-day or full day.

Part-time office space is available for therapists, nutritionists, coaches, consultants.

Offices available for part-time are furnished.

Beautiful views to nature from every office. The office will be available by September 2.
Newly remodeled, soundproof walls, wooden floors, call lights, printer and drinking water 
Excellent for networking.

6-month minimum lease. First month's rent plus deposit of $200 is required. 

If you are interested in the Woodland Hills Office space, please contact Anita at (818) 426-2495.

photo woodland hills office space, wood floors, dark sofa with pillows, tan chair, greenery, one window

photo Woodland Hills Office Space, greenery, wood bookshelf, two windows, two brown sofas with pillows

photo Woodland Hills Office Space, panoramic windows, two grey sofas with pillows, two black chairs, white leather chair, greenery

photo Woodland Hills Office Space, large white curved sofa with pillows, brown chair, tall cream colored fabic lamp, three bay windows, beamed ceiling

photo Woodland Hills Office waiting room, light wood floors, dark colored sofa, two black chairs, greenery, photo art on wall
Woodland Hills Office Waiting Room